Author: Pladur Date: 13/12/2017

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In 2017, residential construction has been the main driver of growth.

Pladur® participates in the first Chair of Connected Industry pioneer in Europe.

Last December, Pladur® brought together the media of the construction, architecture and design sector at the Hotel Iberostar las Letras. The speakers Enrique Ramírez, General Director, Patricio Abando, Commercial Director, Gerald Gietzen, Marketing Manager and Rosa Ferrín, Communications Manager, were able to take stock of results and provide for next year.

Enrique Ramírez opened the conference with an encouraging message, a positive balance of 2017 and many projects in sight, including the new EPS factory (expanded polystyrene) already in operation at Gelsa and which will open its line of plates before the summer 2018; a digital transformation thanks to our collaboration in the Chair of the Connected Industry of ICAI and a true innovative effort in products, specifically in the new energy efficiency brand Pladur Enairgy®.

The sector in figures

Patricio Abando, in turn, analyzed the most relevant market figures in the sector. He assured that residential construction has been the main engine of growth this year, although not uniform throughout Spain. In addition, he pointed out that the new non-residential work has been scarce, except in the islands where there has been an expected hotel development, although a recovery is expected for the next three years that will begin in 2018. "This year some 85,000 homes have been built and we hope to reach 150,000 in three years. "

In addition, he concluded by explaining the risks we face in this period: political instability, expensive housing and lack of skilled labor.

New releases and collaborations

From Marketing, some of the important releases of this year were explained, such as the new reference in energy efficiency solutions in the interior, Pladur Enairgy®; the new L-Tec Ultra Plate, the lightest on the market and some new products about to be launched such as the Omnia plate, excellent for everything, and Pladur® Synia STD, with four finely edged edges that provide invisible joints.

Another bet of Pladur® this year has been the launch of its new Technical Manual, a prescription tool designed to respond to all the constructive and market needs, a single place where you can find all the information of Pladur®, now also in multiple digital media.

Finally, other topics were discussed such as the presentation of the 28th Edition of the Pladur® Constructive Solutions Contest, which this year challenges students to create an "escape room" (www.escapealaficcion.com) or the different collaborations with companies as Asprima, Andimac, COAM, APCE, the House that Saves, Comillas or Coddim, committing to energy efficiency and other interests within the ambit of architecture and construction.

A collaboration to highlight is the 'ICAI Connected Industry Chair 4.0', a pioneer in Europe and of which Pladur® is a patron along with companies such as ABB, Endesa, Antolín, Enagas, Indra, IBM, Acerinox and Gestamp. Among its objectives is to strengthen and consolidate the Spanish digitized industry and place it at the head of Europe. It will help to identify the technologies, knowledge and skills necessary for the formation and development of the professional profiles demanded in the Connected Industry.

"It is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 50 billion connected objects capable of capturing and processing data, and we are experiencing a new industrial revolution," concluded Enrique Ramírez.